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How To Become Better At Wrestling Outside Of Practice


What can I do outside of practice to become a better wrestler if I don’t have a partner?

We’ve all asked that question at least once in our wrestling careers.  But what’s the answer?

No Partner? No problem.

How do I train wrestling at home without a partner?

 If I had to improve my wrestling and had no partner I would do one of the following (in no particular order of importance)
  1. Watch instructional videos – It’s not hard to find some really great wrestling videos online.  Watch videos from the Olympics.  Watch videos from tournaments.   Study the videos.  Make this your homework to study the moves of the greats.
  2. Run – Get that cardio up, son.  Anybody who has stepped foot on the maps will tell you that cardio & endurance are vital to wrestling.  You can be stronger than your opponent, but if your cardio & endurance are weak then you will struggle in each of your matches.
  3. Drill moves on my own.  Shadow wrestling is a great way to practice when you don’t have a partner.  Envision yourself against your opponent.  Circle your opponent, move in and out with your feet, legs and hands, and take shots. Focus on your technique, the quick penetration to get a leg, and work on explosion through shots over and over.
  4. Lift weights – Proper strength training is a great way to gain an advantage over an opponent.  We always encourage our athletes to find a great personal trainer with a proven track record.  Personal trainers will also help you manage your weight so you can be at that peak weight level and not have to go through dangerous weight cuts.
  5. Read a wrestling book for motivation – Yes, a book.  You remember those right?  Nowadays it seems like it’s harder to get a kid to read a book but the knowledge that you can gain from some of these books can give you that edge over your opponent.  Go to your local library or check out Amazon and you’ll find books covering topics such as “Wrestling Stronger & Heavier Opponents” or “Wrestling From the top Position: Tilts and Leg Turns.”
Which one you do depends on what you need to improve. I would say you should do a little of each option above.  Anything that you can do to give yourself that competitive edge over your wrestling competition is worth doing.

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